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May 7, 2014

Creative Mints

While I was doing a little browsing on Behance I came across Mike (a.k.a. Creative Mints) he is an illustrator/Web Designer among other creative things, from Prague. My eye was instantly caught  on his bright illustrations. Once I started browsing his portfolio I just kept going, so much gorgeous stuff to look at!

Now, I’m not a technical / digital illustration kinda’ girl, but I can sure appreciate a fine looking bit of art, digital or otherwise. I think it is the crispness and precision that draws me to these actually, also a bit of nosiness as I love looking at other peoples creative spaces, trying to work out what tools they are using, etc.


If you are interested in looking at/pinning more of Mike’s work head to Behance, Dribble or his own Creative Mints website, I’m off to try and be more productive…

March 12, 2014


Sometimes I will come across an image somewhere that I really want to paint. WishWishWish usually has an abundance of these images. Carrie is just too cool and always looks amazing. There was a recent post, though, where she was in a gorgeous 50’s get up and sat on some steps and I knew I wanted to paint it. So, here is Carrie, not an identical replica, but great to paint…

March 6, 2014

Sveta Dorosheva ~ Dancing Class

While browsing Behance for some arty goodness I came across these lovely illustrations by Ukrainian, living in Israel, Sveta Dorosheva. She is a professional illustrator working in narrative illustration and book art. These little delights are from a set of dancing class ads she produced. She has a website and both a Society6 and Etsy shop, so take a look…

March 5, 2014

Castles in Bavaria.

This is one I’ve been working on recently. It has a few issues, but I enjoyed doing it all he same. I think I shall try more fairy-tale castles though, try and get them right. And forests!!! Some London fun on it’s way soon!


January 19, 2014

Let’s Get Lost

Here’s my latest piece – ‘Let’s Get Lost’. I’m longing for those summer days when adventures like this will be possible. This piece was inspired by a fashion look-book image. I just loved the bright colours, and the challenge of the details. It was fun. I’m slowly finding my way. There is a print available on Etsy.

December 7, 2013

Carl Larsson

carl larsson 1

carl larsson

I have been testing and experimenting with my painting styles for a few months now. I always want to make my work pretty to look and and interesting; I’m not too concerned with making boundary breaking art, just something that people want to look at and makes them happy. 

I have always loved the detail in art. As a child there was a particular book that I always wanted to get out from the library when I could; it was a picture book that had such detailed pictures that my sister and I would play ‘Find the…’ with it in the evenings. That book, and the gorgeous story books by Shirley Barber and Jill Barklem are the works that inspire me. I have found, however, one other to add to the list. Carl Larsson.

Carl was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1853. He was from a poor family, but his artistic talent made a way for him and he was accepted on a scholarship to an art school in his teenage years. 

He spent years as an illustrator for magazines and newspapers before moving to an artist’s colony just outside Paris where he met his wife-to-be Karin. This is when things began to change for Carl. He stopped using Oil paints and transferred to watercolour. Carl and Karin were also given a house, beautifully called ‘Lilla Hyttnäs’. It was here, with Karin and his eight children for inspiration, that he created his most memorable works. These snap shots of family life have a warmth that is palpable and very inspirational. Carl was also a bit of an interior designer, which I think comes out in is detailed paintings.  

I could post more and more pictures (mostly from Wikipaintings!) , but for your internet’s sake I shall cease. I think Carl could be one of my new favorites. His art is something like I have been pursuing, I’ve a long way to go yet, but pieces a little like this are my aim, thank you Carl! 

t divide b black 2013


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