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July 7, 2014


So, recently I’ve been up to a bit of painting. I saw these amazing images from a Vogue Spain editorial and I had to paint them, so I left my ‘working’ folder for a while and focused on these two pictures of the lovely Alana Zimmer…



Alana Details

Available in A4/8X10″  and A5/5X7″.

I’ve been trying to layer more detail and colour in my paintings lately, I remember as a child I always loved to ruch, detailed picture in story books, so I’m trying to go in that direction in a sense…


Alana 2


Alana 2 Detail


Also available in A4/8X10″  and A5/5X7″

July 7, 2014

Inside the world of Katie Daisy

I think I’ve expounded on the virtues of Katie Daisy before, but Oprah’s ‘Super Soul Sunday’ did a little more for my interest by creating a little short film about her and her work process, now I’m always nosy about other peoples work environment and tools, so this was perfect for me, I hope your as inspired as I was…


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