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July 21, 2014

Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland

Wonderland : Lady of The Lake

WonderlandI’ve been following Kirsty Mitchell’s ‘Wonderland’ series for a while now, only last year did she finish her epic 4 year photographic series. It is nothing short of amazing what Kirsty has created under a minuscule budget and small windows of opportunity. Every prop of costume was created, or sourced and utilised by Kirsty herself: she was designer, stylist, location scout and photographer all in one. You can see more of the series, behind-the-scenes photos and purchase prints at Kirsty’s Website. I hope you enjoy her creations as much as I do…

Wonderland : Wild ThingWonderland "Gammelyn's Daughter"

Wonderland "Gammelyn's Daughter, a Waking Dream"
Wonderland  'While Nightingales wept'
Wonderland : The Path of Possibilities
Wonderland 'The Guidance of Stray Souls'
Wonderland - 'She'll Wait For You In The Shadows Of Summer'
Wonderland - 'The Fade Of Fallen Memories'(Images from Kirsty’s Flickr portfolio)

July 12, 2014

Fall 2014 Couture: The Paris Highlights

Once again Paris calls for the Couture shows and as always, I’m happy to oblige! There were plenty of lovely pieces on offer so I hope you find something to pique your fancy…

Fall 2014 Couture
Fall 2014 Couture Extras 1

So, we start proceeding with Alexis Mabille , followed by Giambattista Valli and the great Ulyana Sergeenko

Alexis Mabille Fall 2014 Couture Giambattista Valli Fall 2014 Couture Ulyana Sergeenko Fall 2014 Couture
black divide 2013
Next up we have Armani Prive, a bounty of beautifully simple couture from Christian Dior and finally some exquisite Zuhair Murad pieces.
Armani Prive Fall 2014 Couture Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture 1 Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture 2 Zuhair Murad Fall 2014 Couture 1 Zuhair Murad Fall 2014 Couture
black divide 2013
Fall 2014 Couture Mix Couture-Street-Day1-19_133307825732

(Images from Style and Vogue)


June 11, 2014

Days of Heaven

Why every editorial out there isn’t an atmospheric travel/fashion editorial I don’ know! They are the best! If I had my own magazine I would fill it with gorgeous photography like this. Props to Porter magazine (#3 Summer 2014) for featuring this lovely pictorial by Norman Jean Roy. Via.

June 1, 2014

Cooler than Cool

There has been this look by Lyn Devon that I have been wanting to paint for a while, I think it’s the effortless looking style and elegant stare. Whatever it is, I liked it, so I painted it ;) There is a print available at the shop. It’s been a very busy few weeks on the art front – more on that later!! – but I have a big piece I’m really enjoying painting at the moment, it’s the sort of one I feel I’d like to do more of. Be back soon…

May 28, 2014

Songe D’ete

Sometimes it’s nice to just look on good style, no bells and whistles. As I get older I am beginning to appreciate a relaxed, personal style, one not swayed to and fro by the trends of the day, but carefully choosing what they feel works for them and forgoing the rest. I like that. Here in Songe D’ete I see a style that I very much enjoy: quiet, yet elegant…very nice.

Songe D’ete is from the June/July 2014 issue of L’officiel Paris, shot by Hannah Khymych. Images from Visual Optimism.

April 19, 2014

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 ~ Part 2

So, after a hectic week, the last part in the Fall 2014 series. Paris, la deuxième partie. Enjoy the fashion fare from the first city of style.


Street 6

So, let’s start with a lovely dramatic selection from A.W.A.K.E ; followed by Givenchy and Balmain on safari…

AWAKE Fall 2014 Givenchy Fall 2014 Balmain Fall 2014

black divide 2013

Behind the Scenes…

Background 7 Background 1 Background 2 Background 6

black divide 2013

Next up we have a supermarket sweep with Chanel ; followed by Christian Dior, and finally the great Valentino

Chanel Fall 2014 Chanel Fall 2014 Accessories Christian Dior Fall 2014 Christian Dior Fall 2014 Accessories Valentino Fall 2014 a Valentino Fall 2014 Accessories Valentino Fall 2014

black divide 2013

On the Streets…

Street 2 Street 5

…Images from Vogue and Style…so long fashion week, till we meet again…


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