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September 28, 2014

Calme Blanc…

I’m not sure what the weather is like across the world wherever you’re reading, but in Kent it’s pretty nice today. It’s that warm summer/autumn weather that probably produces my favorite time of year. This morning I was down at the coast; the waves were gently rolling, the people were out enjoying the gentle breeze and those fortunate enough to have a sailing boat were taking advantage of the sun and going for a sail. I recalled I had this editorial in the wings, so I hope whatever the weather you can enjoy a trip to the sea…

(from Vogue Paris May 2013, photography by Gilles Bensimon, Via.)


September 24, 2014

Milan Fashion Week – Spring 2015 – Alberta Ferretti, Gucci…

Milan Street Style 2


So, we reach Milan! The general consensus seemed to be that Milan had a thing for the 70’s this season, there were the designers that kept to their usual brief, but I did detect a definite 70’s thing, anyway, here we go!…

So, first of all we have the more floaty, floral pieces; so we have Etro, then Missoni; followed by Giorgio Armani and then a selection of lovely Alberta Ferretti pieces…

Etro Spring 2015 Missoni Spring 2015 Giorgio Armani Spring 2015 Alberta Ferretti Spring 2015 Alberta Ferretti Spring 2015 a


c divide black 2013.

Backgroud tag


Milan Fashion Week Beauty Spring 2015 Milan Fashion Week Beauty Spring 2015a

c divide black 2013.

Next up we have a Carmen/Flamenco inspired Dolce & Gabbana, then some Fendi details; followed by Gucci and finally Jil Sander

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2015 Fendi Details Spring 2015 Gucci Spring 2015 Gucci Details Spring 2015 Jil Sander Spring 2015

c divide black 2013.

Street Tag

Milan Street Style 3 Milan Street Style 1

Images from Style.


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