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June 23, 2013

Elusive & Gone.

I can’t remember if I’ve spoken about Lianne La Havas on here before. She is probably my favorite singer at the moment. She’s that perfect mix between modern and old soul. These two videos are a linked story, the ‘elusive’ man, followed by the downfall in ‘Gone’. ‘Gone’ is one of my favorite songs, so beautiful, and emotive…

January 13, 2012

Musical Interlude: Erato

So…anyone wanting to form an all-girl  A Capella group that uses found objects to produce mesmerising percussion??? I want in!!

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July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse. 1983~2011

This isn’t the first tribute post, and it definitly won’t be the last. However, her greatness merits all the outpouring of grief and affection and I would like to tell you of mine. Even though there were times when it could be seen that this was coming,  I always hoped it wouldn’t. She was imensely talented and had a voice with such soul in it, but more than that, she was a genius lyricist. I can’t count the times I’ve spent listening to her albums and being able to relate. But, even though she’s gone now, that will always live on. I’ve drawn Amy before, but I thought I’d do another one of her from the earlier days, when she looked happier, acompanying it is one of my favourite performances of hers. I just hope she’s content now.

November 17, 2010

Adele – Someone Like You

Wow. Now I remember why I love music so much.
May 19, 2010

Cosmic Love

It’s no secret that I Loooove Florence + The Machine, the music is absolutely amazing and Florence Welsh not only has a great voice but also possesses a brilliant sense of style. Her style is illustrated in her latest video for the single ‘Cosmic Love’  from the album Lungs. I spied a Hannah Marshall catsuit and a strange but wonderful, fairy light, lit dress. But for me the best outfit has to be the collared shirt with the little black bow and a ‘carrie’ name necklace. I cosmic loved it ( No pun in….actually there was a pun intended, albeit a pitiful one!). Video Via.
(The video may take a while to load, if it says there was an error, try refreshing the page and pressing play again:)
May 1, 2010

It Made Me Smile.

It’s seems quite strange posting about an advert, but here goes. I saw this advert a few days ago and I stopped all that I was doing and took it in, it was the music that first caught me – She’s Always a Woman covered by Fyfe Dangerfield – but the ad itself is also one that makes you think. I would have never known it was a John Lewis advert if it hadn’t have said it at the end.

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