New York Fashion Week: Marchesa, Marc Jacobs…

Here Goes! The last selection of images from New York Fashion Week. I can’t hardly believe it’s over. Anyway, before we blub, here is the glamour. A fine way to round thing off me thinks. Images from Style and Vogue


 Carolina Herrera Atmosphere

 Ohne Titel Atmosphere

 Zac Posen Atmosphere

Divide Black

Okay, let’s see. We start with the lovely Carolina Herrera, followed by a shiny Marc Jacobs – apparently his show was run twice, once in the dark, then the light!? – and then we have Jenny Packham

 Carolina Herrera - Fall 2013 RTW

 Marc Jacobs - Fall 2013 RTW

 Jenny Packham - Fall 2013 RTW

Divide Black

Ralph Lauren went Bohemian/Parisian for his collection, there were berets aplenty. We then have…wait for it… MARCHESA!!! (Everyone cheer!). What can you say about Marchesa, it was pretty great!…

 Ralph Lauren - Fall 2013 RTW

 Ralph Lauren + Marchesa - Fall 2013 RTW

 Marchesa - Fall 2013 RTW c  Marchesa - Fall 2013 RTW a  Marchesa - Fall 2013 RTW b  Marchesa - Fall 2013 RTW d

Divide Black

Right, last, but not least, we have the master of the glamourous silhouette, Zac Posen.

 Zac Posen - Fall 2013 RTW a  Zac Posen - Fall 2013 RTW  Zac Posen - Fall 2013 RTW b

Farewell New York, till next time…

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