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August 31, 2014

It began with Ballet…

It has been back to ballet for inspiration recently, It will always go back to Ballet for me, that’s where it all started and that’s where it will keep going back to, no doubt. I have been going through the Royal Opera House archive pictures and found some most amazing pictures I simply had to paint, No.1 being this one: Steven McRae and Sarah Lamb in rehearsal for Metamorphosis: Titan…

A4 Titan 2 - Copy





Titan details


I absolutely loved painting this piece, I know I always say that, but its true ;) There were many more ROH pictures I would love to paint , so you will probably see them soon. I hope you like this one.

I actually have both prints and the Original piece available to purchase, so pop over to the shop if you are interested….



August 20, 2014

John & Fish’s Beautiful Birds

I think as I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed things more: like trees and butterflies and wild flowers and all the different types of birds, and wildlife around me, things that have been there all the time but suddenly I’m noticing  them more. Recently I’ve been putting rich tea biscuits on my windowsill for the birds and it’s amazing to see them up close, pecking away. To see their gorgeous feathers and little hints of personality. Even Sparrows have their beauty, and you’ve got to agree, these are most definitely stunning!…

#910 青背攫莓#892 小綠芒逆#879 七綠櫻朧#872 灰喉燦迎#848 小綠霓林

These amazing photographs were taken by John & Fish, they are brother and sister photography team from Taiwan who spend most of their weekends traversing their wonderful island taking pictures of its beautiful birds, click over to their flick page for many more amazing photos to favorite (and favorite, favorite, favorite, definitely favorite, favorite…).

#844 黃腹金伉 #827 藍腹屹展#826 黑枕忖禱#777 小綠甸園


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